Sharing an apartment

A group of young people sit together at a table and drink coffee.
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Have you ever shared an apartment? These days, more and more people are doing this in Germany. Most of them are students. Nearly a third live in shared apartments. This is popular among students because a room in a shared apartment in one of the big German university towns is usually cheaper and easier to find than a private apartment.

But not all apartments are shared out of necessity: in a new city, they make it easier to settle in, and you don't have to be alone. For this reason, a lot of professionals who could easily afford to live on their own now share apartments too. Some older people also prefer to live in a shared apartment than in a senior citizens' home.

To be able to live together and share a kitchen and bathroom, you do have to get along and respect each other, but you don't necessarily have to be good friends. How much roommates do together varies a lot, and depends on the individuals and their own needs. Sometimes, though, roommates can become really good friends, just like Nina and Lisa.