Working conditions today

Three young adults sit with laptops at an office table.
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Inge and Jacques have been comparing what life was like when they were young with the way people live today. With the changed world of media, globalization and the digital revolution, everyday life and work have changed. New professions exist, and in many areas, the workload has increased – in other words, fewer people are doing more work. Today, being able to speak foreign languages, data processing and IT are necessary for a lot of jobs. It is hard to have a successful career in most areas of employment unless you are prepared to undertake professional development and engage with new technologies.

A lot of jobs these days demand greater flexibility than in the past. Temporary contracts, commuting between workplaces and project work in international teams are common in an increasingly fast-paced work culture. On the other hand, computers have enabled greater mobility and allowed people to work from home.

Many people worry about what the future holds: they fear that continued technological progress could make their jobs obsolete.