Working as a furniture mover or packer

Two movers behind a moving truck carrying a sofa.
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A job as a mover or furniture packer is relatively recession-proof, but it's not very well paid. A lot of movers don't have any special qualifications. Physical stamina and being good with your hands, as well as the ability to work in a team, are the most important prerequisites for the job.

There is also a job that requires vocational training, called Fachkraft für Möbel-, Küchen- und Umzugsservice (FMKU – trained professional in moving services and kitchen installation). A prerequisite for the three-year course is the Realschulabschluss (secondary school leaving certificate) or qualifizierender Hauptschulabschluss (high school diploma). The training is given by a company as well as at a vocational school, and finishes with an exam at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. During the training, you learn how to plan and organize a professional move, as well as how to assemble and transport furniture and how to install electrical appliances. Qualified movers work for moving and furniture transport companies.