Shopping online

A person sits at a laptop and holds a smartphone in one hand and a credit card in the other.
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Perhaps you have noticed that people in Germany often pay with cash. In lots of shops you can only pay with a card if you’re spending more than a certain amount. But in some cafes and pubs you still can't – it's cash only.

Shopping online has also taken longer to establish itself in Germany than in other countries, but in the past few years it’s really taken off. Clothing, consumer electronics and telecommunications devices like computer- and smartphone accessories are often ordered online. But ordering groceries on the internet is still not common.

At the same time, a completely different trend has emerged. Some people are starting to buy books from bookstores and clothing from clothing shops again. One reason is that people are realizing that the conditions of people working for online retailers are often poor. Another is that some people are worried that department stores and inner city shops will close down, and shopping will end up becoming a lonely business.