Sentence construction: pronouns

Verbs with dative and accusative objects: pronouns as objects

The dative object or the accusative object can be a pronoun, if the person listening or reading already knows which person or object is being referred to.

A pronoun can replace the dative object:

Was schenkst du deinem Bruder?
Ich schenke ihm ein Buch.

Was schenkst du deiner Schwester?
Ich schenke ihr einen Fußball.

Was schenkst du deinen Großeltern?
Ich schenke ihnen ein Familienfoto.


A pronoun can also replace the accusative object. In this case, though, it should be noted that if the accusative object is a pronoun, it comes before the dative. In this instance, it makes no difference whether the dative object is a noun or a pronoun.

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Have a look at the personal pronoun in the accusative again if you need to.

Nominative Accusative
ich mich
du dich
er ihn
sie sie
es es
wir uns
ihr euch
sie sie
Sie Sie