Computer courses for seniors

A young woman shows an older woman something on a computer screen.
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It's impossible to imagine our day-to-day lives now without computers, tablets and smartphones. The internet and smartphones have an impact on our work and personal lives: we use them for information, to make appointments, to shop and pay for things, for navigation and to organize our lives.

Using the computer and the internet is not always easy for older people. Some enjoy discovering and trying out new things, and are comfortable video-chatting with their grandchildren. Others want to have the essentials in using a computer and the internet explained to them in a safe environment, and like to try things out step-by-step.

For this reason, computer courses are offered specifically for seniors at Volkshochschulen (adult education centers). Courses are available on topics like how to write texts and emails with the computer, how to find information on the internet, how to use social media, internet security, and how to edit photos digitally.

Questions from seniors are answered in a relaxed way, and many different things can be explained and tried out in the group.