Applying for a job: finding job offers

A magnifying glass enarges the text "Stellen-Angebote" in a newspaper.
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How and where should you look for job vacancies? You will find job ads in lots of regional and national newspapers, especially in the Saturday papers, which you can also get on the internet. The employment agency can also offer tips on looking for a job. On the internet there are plenty of jobseeker sites, for example and You can often create your own search profile and upload your résumé.

Many sectors have specific newsletters or websites which advertise jobs in the trades or hotel business. Find out what sites there are in your field or profession, and get busy. You may also have good options available through your contacts. Trade fairs are useful to give you the opportunity to present yourself to companies. You can also try careers networks like LinkedIn. You can gain new contacts by doing an internship or getting a short-term position through a temp agency.