A beer, please!

A cool beer in a glass stands on an outdoor table.
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Germans like to drink alcohol, mostly beer and wine: with meals, at parties, in pubs or bars. People aged 16 and over are allowed to buy light alcoholic drinks like beer, wine and sparkling wine. You have to be 18 or over to buy hard liquor. If you look young, you will be asked to show identification when you order or try to buy alcohol.

If you have been drinking and your blood alcohol level is over 0.05 percent, you are not allowed to drive. There is a zero blood alcohol limit if you are under 21 because you are considered an inexperienced driver. There are also restrictions for cyclists: your blood alcohol level has to be under 0.16 percent.

It is best not to drink at all when you are driving a car or riding a bike, as you can be fined for having a blood alcohol content of 0.03 percent if you are caught driving or riding dangerously.