in cash

(etwas) bezahlen
bezahlt, bezahlte, hat bezahlt
(etwas) bezahlen

to pay something

That will be ...

That will be ... in total.

Das stimmt so.
Kurzform: Stimmt so.

Keep the change.; That's fine.

It's my treat.; It's on me.

separate; separately

der Kellner, die Kellner

waiter; server (male)

etwas sagen
sagt, sagte, hat gesagt

to say sth.; to tell so. sth.

How much does ... cost?

how much

How many euros does that cost?; How many euro is that in total?

How much is ...?; How much does ... cost?

zahlt, zahlte, hat gezahlt

to pay

Will you be paying in cash or by card? (formal)

Will you be paying together or separately? (formal)