Do you like sport?

A group of young women and men stand on mats in a gym.
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What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you go jogging? Do you play soccer, table tennis or volleyball? In Germany, there are lots of opportunities to play sport in your free time, because Germans love sport – and not just soccer. Here, there are some 90,000 Sportvereine (sports clubs) with around 23 million members – offering something for everyone, from fishing courses to yoga.

Of course you can do sport alone, but being a member of a club gives you the advantage of meeting people in your neighborhood who share the same interest. Membership fees are usually low, and you can use the sporting equipment and space, talk to other members and take part in competitions.

Lots of Germans do volunteer work like coaching in clubs. Often it is this unpaid work that keeps the clubs alive.

Are you interested? Then ask about the clubs in your neighborhood.